Kari Broder, OMS II at Midwestern University-AZCOM, Awarded $5,000 Founders' Scholarship

June 20, 2017

Finding the answers to the unknowns in medicine appeals to Kari Broder, who notes that “the burgeoning field of gut microbiome is starting to yield some incredible insights into pathologies that we didn’t even know were connected to the GI system. If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is!” This Scottsdale native’s outlook on medicine is partially shaped by an internship at the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s office. “I really feel that my experience working with death has given me a unique respect for human life and for my future patients,” she said. “And that is what I think will help me become a successful physician.” Read on to learn more about Kari Broder's thoughts on the role genetics will play in preventative medicine and her casual musical trio called *Nsyncope.

Tyson Polley, OMS II at Midwestern University-AZCOM, Awarded $5,000 Founders' Scholarship

June 20, 2017

While working as a scribe in the ER at Northwest Medical Center, Tucsonan Tyson Polley realized that going to medical school would allow him to help others. He cited this desire to help others as what "will motivate me to learn and change" as he tackles the tough years of training ahead. Of particular interest to Polley are the things that current medical knowledge can't explain. "There is so much more we can learn," he said, looking forward to the "progress in our understanding that will bless the lives of many people." Read on to learn more about Tyson Polley's advice to students considering the medical field.

Chelsi Redpath, OMS II at A.T. Still University-SOMA, Awarded $5,000 Founders' Scholarship

June 20, 2017

Phoenix native Chelsi Redpath, has a history of helping the underserved. During the past year, she spent one day a week shadowing a family medicine doctor who served the homeless population in an RV clinic. “Working with homeless patients has been very difficult as they come with a lot of different concerns and health problems, but this is also so rewarding at the same time,” Redpath said. She’s learned that patients come with incredible, unique stories and hopes that her “open mind, open heart, and open ears” will serve her well as a future physician. Read on to learn more about the “most exciting adventure” Chelsi Redpath has been on.

TOMF Announces Second January Trustee Award Winner

January 31, 2017

At its most recent meeting, TOMF's Grants, Scholarships, and Awards Committee decided to distribute two Trustee Awards in the month of January. In addition to St. Luke's Home, the Arizona Theatre Company was awarded a $1,500 grant to partially support their "YOUTH ON THE EDGE - RELEASING THE PAIN" project.

First TOMF Trustee Award of 2017 Goes to St. Luke's Home

January 6, 2017

St. Luke’s Home, a Tucson nonprofit that’s been in operation for 100 years, has been named the TOMF Trustee Award winner for January 2017. This $1,500 grant will support their “Engaged and Energized Elders” program.

TOMF Announces New Board Chairman

November 16, 2016

Howard R. Zveitel, DO is the new Chairman of the Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation Board of Trustees. Zveitel, an Emergency Department Physician at Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix has served on the TOMF Board of Trustees since 2006. He will serve as Chairman until September, 2018.

Save the Date for the 26th Annual Southwestern Conference on Medicine!

September 12, 2016

Save the date for the 26th Annual Southwestern Conference on Medicine, April 27-30, 2017 at The Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ!

TOMF Supports Local Nonprofits Through Volunteerism

August 5, 2016

As part of a workplace wellness initiative, TOMF staff contributed over 30 volunteer hours to four local nonprofit organizations in the month of July.

TOMF Awards July, August, and September Trustee Awards

July 20, 2016

The Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation is proud to announce the next three winners of their Trustee Awards. These $1,500 microgrants are awarded monthly to local nonprofit organizations for a project that improves public health in southern Arizona.

Justin Dickson, OMS III at Midwestern University-AZCOM, Awarded $2,500 TOMF Founders' Scholarship

June 6, 2016

Justin Dickson's hometown is Chandler, Arizona, and he hopes to practice Emergency Medicine after his days at Midwestern University-AZCOM. As an OMS III, he's in the thick of his rotations, but isn't far removed from the days when he'd "wake up early, head to the library, and study all day until 5:30. I then came home, ate dinner, helped put the kids to bed, then studied for another couple of hours until bed. Rinse, repeat." It's not surprising that he's looking forward to spending more time with his family when he's finished medical school. For aspiring medical students, Justin suggests that they get exposure to as many fields of medicine as possible and plan how to finance their education. He wants physicians to make wise decisions that will make them happy in the long run because, as he puts it, "happy physicians provide higher quality care." To learn more about how Justin thinks financial planning makes a happy physician, the interesting things he's learned in his medical training, and what he looks for in a mentor, read on!

Joshua Burton, OMS II at A.T. Still University-SOMA, Awarded $5,000 TOMF Founders' Scholarship

June 6, 2016

When he's not spending 8-12 hours in the library a day studying for his level 1 board examinations, Joshua Burton likes to squeeze in a few hours with his wife and two year-old son going on walks to the park. This OMS II from A.T. Still University-SOMA finds the medical school experience challenging and rewarding, noting that "it is a long journey for everyone and I am truly grateful for their love and support they have given me along the way." While he's most interested in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, OB/GYN, and Internal Medicine, he's already making post-graduation plans to "participate in medical missions to central and south America. I have been diligent in maintaining my second language of Spanish and wish to use this skill to help the Latin American population any way I can." To find out what gives Joshua a “re-energizing joy" in medical school, how he decided to become a physician, and what he feels makes an exemplary doctor, read on!

Daniel Maas, OMS II at Midwestern University-AZCOM, Awarded $5,000 TOMF Founders' Scholarship

June 6, 2016

Daniel Maas was born into a military family in London, England, but this OMS II from Midwestern University-AZCOM has called Tucson home since 1998. After beginning his undergraduate degree with the full intention of doing computer sciences, he found he much preferred chemistry. After changing majors to Biochemistry, he interned at a local emergency department, fell in love with medicine, and has been pursuing it ever since. A rigorous school schedule, including studying for board examinations for 12 hours a day over the past month, has contributed to Daniel learning "more in the last two years than I have in the last 23 combined." With all this knowledge, he's excited to begin his career in Emergency Medicine or as a medicine hospitalist, work as part of larger inter-professional team, and help people. Daniel is surprised by his new-found abilities and "how far along I've come since this journey began." If you'd like to learn more about Daniel's journey, what advice he has to aspiring medical students, and how important breakfast is to him, read on!

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