2023 Grant Program

$25,000 to be Awarded in June 2023!


Pima County's 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identified mental/behavioral health and substance use disorders as health priorities in our community. In response, Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation (TOMF) chose those priority areas as the target for the 2023 grant program.


A maximum of $25,000 will be awarded during this award cycle. Applicants must be 501c3 organizations in Pima County whose missions, programs, and/or projects aim to achieve meaningful advancements in mental/behavioral health AND/OR substance use disorders in our community. Previous awardees may reapply. The suggested grant request range is $3,500 - $7,500. Requests above or below the suggested range will also be considered.  Grant funds must be used to support direct program expenses with the exception of salaries or benefits for program staff. Applicants should carefully consider the following exclusions that result from budgetary considerations, TOMF policy or federal laws.

TOMF does NOT consider requests from:  
1. Individual applicants.  
2. Political lobbyists, organizations or campaigns.  
3. Religious activities or organizations.  
4. Public or private schools.  
5. Private foundations or private operating foundations.  
6. Professional associations.  
7. Specialized health organizations, hospitals or medical centers for operating funds.  
8. Tax supported government programs or functions.  
9. Fraternal, veterans, or military organizations.  
10. Sponsors of conferences or fundraising campaigns.  
11. Telephone, email and/or mail solicitors.  
12. Applicants without an IRS letter of determination stating their status as a 501c3 organization.

The deadline for applications was on May 1, 2023. Decisions on the applications will be announced and awarded by June 10, 2023. Funds will be immediately available to the selected organizations. Questions may  be directed via email to Ms. Struck (