MATE Act Training Requirements

June 16, 2023

Click here for a memo from the AOA that includes helpful information regarding the DEA's MATE Act training requirements.

It states that beginning on June 27, 2023 a total of eight hours of training from certain organizations on opioid or other substance use disorders is required for practitioners renewing or newly applying for a registration from the DEA to prescribe any Schedule II-V controlled medications.

As an AOA accredited CME sponsor, TOMF is included in the list of “certain organizations” from which the 8 hours of opioid-specific education for DEA renewal may be acquired and all prior opioid related credit earned at TOMF CME Conferences (there is no retroactive time limit) satisfies MATE Act training requirements. In the past three years alone, TOMF has offered a total of 8 hours of applicable credit in our commitment to fulfilling AZ license requirements for opioid-related education.

The DEA says that prescribers will self-certify their participation in relevant education but downloads of opioid education memos are available below should you require them.

2018 Opioid Education Memo - 4 hours/credits
2019 Opioid Education Memo - 3 hours/credits
2020 October Opioid Webinar - 3 hours/credits (listed on individual certificates)
2021 October Online Southwestern Conference - 2 hours/credits (listed on individual certificates)
2022 Opioid Education Memo - 3 hours/credits
2023 Opioid Education Memo - 3 hours/credits

If you require a copy of any documentation not available for download here or if you have any other questions related to the MATE Act, you may email

The AOAAM is offering 8-hour livestreaming buprenorphine trainings for free until August, 2023 should you be interested in additional opioid-specific learning opportunities.

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