SOLD OUT! Something More

SOLD OUT! The 100th anniversary of osteopathic medicine in the United States provided the springboard for development and publication of an acclaimed centennial book, Something More...Osteopathic Medicine in Southern Arizona. The 132-page, hardcover book, documents in words and pictures the development and practice of osteopathic medicine in southern Arizona from the turn of the century to modern day.

In addition to being publicly presented to the Tucson City Council in a special ceremony, the book was distributed to 442 community leaders, osteopathic colleges and physicians, as well as state and national leaders.

The book is now available as a useful reference document at many public sources in the Tucson area including schools and libraries. Archive copies of the book also available for viewing at the Foundation.

During research for the book, the Foundation recorded more than 60 oral histories from interviews with D.O.s, nurses, hospital staff, auxiliary members, relatives of D.O.s and osteopathic students. Photographs, artifacts, news clippings and archival material were collected as well.

As a public observance of the 100th anniversary, the Foundation also organized a centennial event held at Old Tucson. The observance was shared by 1,556 participants, making it the largest osteopathic-sponsored special event ever produced in Arizona.

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